Applebee’s gift cards make a great gift for any occasion!

Earn 10% of all Gift Cards you sell!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Make copies of the Gift Card Order Form and distribute to members of your organization
  2. Collect the forms and payment (checks made payable to your organization), by the deadline you set
  3. Complete the Final Order Form and take that, along with your total payment (cash or credit) to your local Applebee’s location
  4. A restaurant manager will fulfill your order and contact you within 48 hours to pick up
Download your Form and Get Started

The funds can really add up!

  • If 10 people sell $500 each, your organization earns $500!
  • If 20 people sell $500 each, your organization earns $1,000!
  • If 30 people sell $500 each, your organization earns $1,500!

As an extra incentive, if your group sells $5,000 or more in Gift Cards, your organization will receive a $500 catering credit!

*The gift card fundraiser cannot be used in conjunction with our Carryout for a Cause or Dining to Donate fundraisers. While your organization can “host” both, they must be done separately, a minimum of one-month apart.