Carryout for a Cause & Dining To Donate

Order Ahead (Carryout for a Cause)

For our Carryout for a Cause events, it is a great idea to have your supporters order ahead. Orders can be submitted up to two weeks in advance! This helps our stores to be prepared for the volume of orders, but also, secures support ahead of time & ensures supporters won’t forget– A Win-Win!

Get Creative

What else does your organization have to offer? Think about collecting donations & putting together a basket—everyone that attends your event gets entered to win your grand prize basket for supporting your cause. For example, perhaps you are a dance team, maybe everyone that joins get a discounted ticket to your next dance event!

Designate Volunteers

These events may seem like they require minimum to no-work but that just isn’t the case. Without your organization working together as a team, your event won’t be quite as successful as you’d planned. Designate volunteers to pass out flyers, share information on social media & contact your supporters—handing out vouchers & explaining the event as well as volunteers that will help at your Applebee’s location during prime hours of your event (lunch & dinner).

Remind Your Supporters

Don’t leave all your promoting to the very beginning, weeks before your event, and not reach-out to remind your supporters! You can collect your family, friends & fellow supporters email addresses when you originally start to promote your event and send them a reminder email the day before!

Be Prepared, Plan Ahead

One week is not an adequate amount of time to prepare for these events. Plan to book your event AT LEAST 3 WEEKS out and start your planning & promoting from the start!

Flapjack Fundraiser


Put your communication skills to the test! Reach-out to your friends, family, co-workers and fellow supporters of your cause to let them know about your event and how to participate. Social media, emails and flyers are great ways to get the word out throughout your community. The more you advertise, the better the chance for higher funds raised!

Look Like A Team

Look like a team! Wear your team’s uniform, fun shirts or the charitable organization’s colors to show your pride on the day of your Breakfast!

Make Breakfast Fun

Be the talk of the town & make your breakfast stand-out! Is your breakfast around the holidays? Invite Santa! Is your organization a music club? Perform an act for your guests! We encourage you to own your event & add creativity but it is your groups financial responsibility to do so. Just be sure to coordinate with your Applebee’s management ahead of time if you plan on doing something outside the normal breakfast. We want to ensure we are all on the same page!

Hold Additional Activities

Kick up your Flapjack Fundraiser a notch with basket raffle’s, 50/50’s, bake sales & other related activities. This will help you to raise more money & own your event!