New Visions Communirt Church Youth Department Flapjack Fundraiser

You are invited to join New Visions Communirt Church Youth Department for a Flapjack Fundraiser event! Simply contact the event organizer to purchase your tickets and come to the Applebee’s on the event date listed below for a delicious pancake breakfast that consists of 3 pancakes, 2 slices of bacon & your choice of unlimited beverage (coffee, soda, tea or orange juice). Now that’s what we call short stacks for a TALL cause!

Thank you in advance for supporting our organization and enjoy your meal!

Event Date

05/19/20248am - 10am

Event Location



Gates  (Rochester, NY)

2120 Chili Avenue
Rochester, NY 14624-3452

About Our Organization

New Visions Communirt Church Youth Department
1270 Norton Street
Rochester , NY  14624

To help us raise enough money to take our young people to go on short trips for the first time in their lives - To show them that there is a life besides hanging out in the streets. By showing them another life and another direction, we are hoping that this will gives them a desire to finish school and may be go on to college. We are hoping this will keep them from going into the streets for their excitement and fun.

Want to Attend? Get Your Tickets Today!

If you would like to purchase tickets for this Flapjack Fundraiser event, please contact the representative listed below:

(545) 317-0024