Looking to raise money for your organization? Carryout for a Cause events are the perfect way to start!

How does the Carryout for a Cause Program work?

Step 1: Register

Register your organization for a Carryout for a Cause Event.

Register your Event

Step 2: Setup

We approve your event and setup a customer landing page & email a customized promotional flyer in PDF format for social media sharing and printing, should you choose. You will get an approval response within 3-5 business days. Please login to your account to view the status, should you not receive an email. An approved event will be listed as Upcoming and your materials will be there for your use.

Step 3: Recruit Volunteers

Your event will not be successful without your organization working as a team. Recruit volunteers to share your event details on social media, hand-out flyers, reach-out to supporters & hand-out the flyers to them (should you choose—for these events, everything can be done virtually).

Step 4: Remind Supporters

Make sure that you have a way to remind your family, friends and fellow supporters of your event during the couple of days leading up. In addition, supporters can order up to a 2-weeks in advance, this is a great way to ensure they won't forget! (hint: email is a great way to do this, if you collect their addresses beforehand. Social media is also a great tool—setting up a Facebook event works well for this)

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Step 5: Order Takeout From Your Local Applebee's

Be ready to place your takeout order on the day of your event—from open until close. Be sure that you & your fellow supporters login/create an account and use code “DOINGOOD” at checkout—we will send you a check worth 15% of sales generated by your guests, before tax & gratuity.