Earn 10% of EVERY Gift Card Sold By:

1.  Talking with your group + ensuring they are ready to sell.

2. Calling your local Applebee’s to setup a time to pick-up your “selling kit.”
When you call, you will ask to speak with whoever is managing at the moment +
let them know when you will be in, and how many members will be selling in your organization.

*Please note; this program is currently available at the following 3 locations:

Applebee’s Greece, NY : (585) 581-0830
Applebee’s Jamestown, NY: (716) 763-3500
Applebee’s Plainville, CT: (860) 747-2358

3. Distributing the envelopes to each of the members in your organization, who will be participating in the gift card fundraiser.
The organizer should make certain each member knows what to do, + when their money and envelopes are due by;
you choose how long you want to run your fundraiser for– no rush from us.

4. Each participating member will begin selling Applebee’s gift cards in $15, $25, + $50 amounts.
With each sale, the envelope should be filled-out completely + money collected, in order to accurately distribute the gift cards, once received.

Your organization should promote the sale via social media, flyers, emails, etc., and ensure each member is asking everyone they know–
this will help to make your fundraiser successful!

5. The organizer will collect all of the envelopes on the due date (set by your organization) + fill-out the ‘master sheet,’ which is provided in your selling kit.

6. Once all the money is accounted for, and your master sheet is accurately filled-out, the organizer will call back their local Applebee’s in which they received their selling kit, and schedule a time to turn-in the money due and collect the gift cards. At the time of your call, you will let the manager on duty know how many gift cards were sold, so they can be well prepared for the sale.

Your organization will owe Applebee’s the amount sold MINUS the 10% your organization earns from the sale.
Therefore; you will walk away with your earnings– no need to wait for a check!

7. The organizer will distribute the gift cards to each of your organization’s sellers, based on their sales.
Each member will then distribute the cards to each of their own supporters.

8. All your supporters can enjoy a meal at their local Applebee’s,
knowing that they helped your organization to continue to do what you do.