A is for Applebee's


“A is for Applebee’s” is an achievement award program that our Applebee’s locations in Upstate New York, Connecticut, and Northern Pennsylvania offer to area schools free of charge.

The reward is a free kids meal at Applebee’s.

Participating schools can reward students based on a variety of achievement areas members of your educational team may be focusing on – academics, responsibility, sportsmanship, attendance, etc. The reward cards are left open-ended in order that you may use them however you see fit.

Contact Kelly LaBella at klabella@tlcannon.com to order these cards.

This program is only valid in areas where T.L. Cannon operates Applebee's restaurants: Upstate New York, Connecticut, and Sayre, PA.

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Note that all programs and information referenced in this site are valid only at Applebee's locations in Upstate New York, Connecticut, and Northern Pennsylvania that are owned and operated by T.L. Cannon Companies.