Tip-A-Firefighter Event
To support firefighters in our neighborhood, we offer local fire companies to the opportunity to host a “Tip a Firefighter” night at Applebee’s. Funds raised can be utilized to fund projects, equipment purchases, general operating expenses or educational programs the fire company conducts in the community.

On a designated night from 5-9 p.m., firefighters will “work” at Applebee’s taking part in tasks such as delivering beverages, seating guests and helping clear tables. Firefighters will be given envelopes that explain the fundraiser to distribute to guest tables in order to collect “tips” for their fire company.

This event is a fun and effective way for fire companies to be involved in the community and raise a good amount of money in just a few hours. See attached sample promotional flyer we provide to assist you in promoting your event.

If you would like to book an event for your local fire company in Upstate NY, Connecticut, or Sayre, PA, please contact Kelly LaBella, Marketing Project Coordinator, at 716-634-7700.

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