Lakewood YMCA Youth Day Camps Dining To Donate

You are invited to join Lakewood YMCA Youth Day Camps for a Dining To Donate event! Simply contact the event organizer to get your voucher or Click Here to print one now, and come to the Applebee's on the event date listed below for lunch or dinner - the event runs all day, open until close! When you are ready to pay, present your voucher and 10% of your check will go back to Lakewood YMCA Youth Day Camps. Now that's what we call dining for a purpose!

Event Date

May 6, 201911am - Close

Event Location



Jamestown  (Lakewood, NY)

340 East Fairmount Avenue
Lakewood, NY 14750-2134

About Our Organization

Lakewood YMCA Youth Day Camps
183 E. Fairmount Ave.
Lakewood , NY  14750

Lakewood YMCA Youth Day Camp: Funds raised through this event will help to offset the cost of field trips that we take throughout the summer.

Want to Attend? Get Your Vouchers Today!

If you would like to get your voucher for this Dining to Donate event, please contact the representative listed below or download now:

(716) 763-0303

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